Do you offer individual subscriptions?

Our mission is to serve the church by providing safety training and development to church security leaders, which is why we do not offer individual subscriptions. We believe that security is a ministry and a church membership allows us to come alongside your ministry and offer you sustainment training that aligns with your mission and core values. Tell your church leaders about us! If they don’t have a membership, they can contact us for a demo of the members area. We would love to have you as part of our community.

How does membership work?

When you join WSA, you get full access to the site. You’re not just joining for what we currently have, but in perpetuity for what we continue to add. If you’re one of our larger faith communities, your admin will be able to add and remove users to the site. We want you to share the material to grow your ministry’s knowledge, hold training days or organize small groups where you watch and learn together, but only within your faith community. We don’t allow you to share the user access logins with affiliate organizations or nonprofits outside of your ministry.

When do you add new material?

Our commitment is to continue to grow our library of faith-based security teachings. When we add new material, we email our members to share when new projects are being filmed and released.

We’re not a Christian organization. Is the WSA for me?

WSA was born out of Christian faith-based principles and values, but over the years we have educated many different faith communities on how to keep their open-door environments safe. Our mission is to grow and improve your security ministry with our core values, which focus on the mission of safety.

I run a small non-profit. Would this help me?

Yes. The material is focused on improving the safety around houses of worship and nonprofits. Some themes focus on “soft target” or open-door environments where the mission is to improve safety in the community. As we are a monthly subscription service, you should contact us for a free demo of the site. We know you’ll see value and opportunity to use the material to improve safety and awareness around your non-profit.

How do I arrange a demo?

On the home page there is a ‘Request Demo’ link that will take you through questions we need to know to connect you with one of our representatives. Arranging a demo is simple; we will call you, discuss a few more details, then arrange a time to walk you through the site. It’s your time to ask questions and see how it works. You’ll need to be on the phone with a laptop or desktop with access to the internet.

I can no longer make my demo what do I do?

Not a problem, thanks for letting us know! You can call us 612-389-2244 to cancel or email us to get rescheduled. All we ask is you give us as much notice as possible, but we understand life happens.

What type of payments do you take?

We currently use Stripe as our payment option which accepts all major credit cards. Contact us for pricing and discounts available.

How Do I update my payment details?

You can update your payment details via your Stripe account.

The admin left the church and I don’t have login details

This can be frustrating but it’s an easy fix. Email us at or call 612-389-2244 and we will be happy to help you get set back up. We will talk you through some verification questions, but it shouldn’t take long to get you back up and running.

I am the admin and I’m locked out of my account

As the admin we allow you to reset your password online or remind you of your username to get back in. Your username will always be the email address you used to sign up. If you’re really struggling, reach out to us.

I like the material. Can you train me in person?

Yes absolutely, we are part of a wider group. Our founder started the Worship Security Association when he recognized that most churches don’t have access to the training that they need. We have a sister organization, Kingswood Security Consulting, which offers a range of in person training. As a WSA member, you’ll also get a discounted price for being part of our community! Email to tell us how we can help or view the website at

I’m experiencing poor picture quality. What does this mean?

All our videos are recorded in high resolution and held on servers. Sometimes internet service providers don’t have the advanced speeds to keep up with our quality. The common cause of poor picture resolutions is internet speed and unfortunately this is an area where we can’t help. Talk with your service provider and see if there is a better option for you!

I’m not seeing what I need to train my staff.

Let us know what you need! We are a growing library and we’re doing what we can to educate and sustain your safety and security training. We love suggestions as to what we should do next. Reach out to us and let us know what we can add to our library to make the experience better for you!

How do I cancel the church account?

We’re committed to effectively serving your place of worship by providing affordable, ongoing training to support your security ministry. We pride ourselves on being your sustainment tool and commit ourselves to growing our video library, but we know circumstances change. Should you need to cancel, we require 30 days notice by calling 612-389-2244 or emailing us at

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